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What if the world

were safer and better




In partnership with Alta Systems and other manufacturers, we specialize in inexpensive and innovative tactical aerial sensors that bring a broadened data stream to first responders, military and security personnel.

Data Collection and

Through the innovative application of mobile sensors and advanced software, we are working on the creation of two-dimensional, three-dimensional and four-dimensional renderings of tactical situations or critical infrastructure such as terrain, bridges, towers and dams.


Software controlled mechanisms create threats as well as opportunities.  In partnership with the National Air and Space Cybersecurity Technology Center led by Riverside Research, we are working on active cybersecurity and threat interdiction tools to make warfighters, first responders and the general public safer.



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Unmanned Science, Inc.

565 Metro Place South #300

Dublin, OH 43017

Tel: 614-526-8740 (614-526-USI-0)



Miniaturization, wireless remote sensing and operation, autonomous navigation and software controlled mechanisms have created multiple new possibilities to operate in environments that were either dangerous or impossible for human beings.


Unmanned Science, Inc. was formed to research and bring to market these new technologies in order to make our world safer and more connected.


Our two watchwords of safety and connectivity drive us to accelerate the application of unmanned science to a variety of market verticals.


Exotic new technologies are maturing for wireless data and power transfer in even the most remote areas.  Combining wireless data and power transfer with long endurance unmanned stratospheric aircraft can bring data and voice communications to vast unconnected regions of the world.  From battlefields to construction sites, the possibility of long distance “wireless extension cords” can bring electric power for recharging, remote sensing or power tools where it has been previously unavailable.

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